About Shoreland Home Builders

Building your dream home in St. Augustine doesn't have to be out of reach

We know you want to spend more of your free time enjoying time with family and friends at home, but your current housing arrangement isn’t working out. Whether it’s too small, not functional or entertaining, or it is showing its age, you’ve been putting off building your dream home. Now’s the time to make it happen!

Our Work Is:


Shoreland Home Builders plans, designs, and builds one-of-a-kind homes to suit your needs and upgrade your lifestyle. We purposely take on only a few custom home build projects per year.


‘Custom’ does not have to mean ‘expensive.’ While building the home you’ve always imagined will be an investment, we can adjust materials, layout and finishes to work within a range of budgets.


Our process is inclusive, but free of worry as we work together to envision and build the home you’ve been dreaming of. Our professional relationship with our customers is vital to our design process.

Imagine spending your free time relaxing and entertaining in the home you’ve been dreaming of. With Shoreland Home Builders, building that home is more possible than you thought.

Meet the Owner of Shoreland Home Builders

Kevin Marks


Owner, Kevin Marks, opened Shoreland Home Builders in 2000 to service the needs of homeowners, throughout SE Wisconsin. In 2008, Kevin and his wife Stacey moved to Saint Augustine, Florida to sink their roots in the sand and serve the homeowners of our historic city. Kevin Marks prides himself on his client relationships and professional approach, ensuring each project receives the highest attention to detail. Maintaining our customer relationships after the build has also been a key to success as one of the ancient city’s premier residential contractors.

Specializing in historic preservation, new home construction and remodels throughout the North East Florida area. Bonded, insured and EPA certified.

State License #RR282811688